Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Lash Serum

I am sure you must have heard the adage that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Indeed it is true. But as a matter of fact, the eyes trying to capture the beauty around them are equally beautiful. If that wasn’t true, people won’t be making so many songs about the eyes of their beloved. After all, eyes make you fall in love with someone before you even know them.

Don’t you think individuals should be thankful to the eyes for all the jobs they get done from seeing the world, to capturing the best moments, to crying when you are in pain? They should be. And the best way to thank them is by taking good care of them. Eyelashes are an integral part of the eye. However, they are also one such bit of the human body that is most neglected. Just like our bodies need food to survive, lashes need nourishment too. Serum to eyelashes is what food is to the stomach.

  • What do eyelashes do?

Eyelashes are like brave soldiers guarding the border, the only difference being that the borders are our delicate eyes. The enemies in the situation are dust particles, dirt, and other debris floating in the air. Eyelashes create a nearly impermeable barrier against foreign particles in the eyes.

  • What is a serum?

The serum is a fluid content composed of blood cells without their clotting abilities. It includes all proteins, anti-oxidants, antigens, etc. However, this is natural serum produced by the body. The serums that we are here to discuss are artificial.

They fall under the category of skincare and cosmetic products. We are sure this is confusing for you. You must be having questions like, “Is moisturizer not enough?”, “Why so many steps?”, “Are serum and moisturizer the same?”, etc. but we have got you covered? Inhale, exhale and continue reading.

Serums can be understood as cosmetic products with a high concentration of specific ingredients that the skin requires but is not getting through any other ways. From hydration to skin brightening, serums can do it all provided you look out for the correct ingredients.

Superficial characteristics of serums are that they are clear, gel-like, or liquid in consistency and are less thicker than moisturizers.

  1. Eyelash Serum

A lot of people have made it a point to include serums in their skincare routine, at least the nighttime one. However, serums are not just meant for the face. Brands are selling serums for eyelashes.

Best eyelash serum will enrich your eyelashes with the deprived proteins and other important nutrients. Most necessarily, they will make the eyelash thicker and longer. Ingredients and components such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, biotin (vitamin B7), pumpkin seed extract, peptides, and castor oil are frequently included in lash development serums. With regular use of the serum, you will no longer need to put on fake lashes.

Given below are some points about how to choose the best eyelash serum to enhance the beauty of your wonderful eyes.

  • Go ahead with trusted brands

You can’t trust your eyes with just anything. Eyes and the areas around them are highly sensitive and delicate and hence, should not be disturbed by harsh products. Remember that not all the brands in the market can develop the best. Even if their packaging talks, claims do not trust them blindly.

The best way to assure that the brand is claiming what it is selling is by having a few pictures of its before and after results. This will prepare you for the kind of results that you should expect.

  • Positive reviews

Provided that a brand is certainly new in the market, it might not be able to collect a lot of before and after results pictures. Moreover, consumers may not be comfortable sharing their pictures online. In such situations, ensure that the brand at least has some positive reviews.

Reviews can be from customers or experts. Both kinds of reviews are equally important. With the rise and popularity of youtube, a lot of influencers also review beauty and lifestyle products. You can also look up to them for reviews. But make sure that their reviews are not sponsored.

  • Quality ingredients

Ingredients are the key to making a good product, be it of any category. Hence, even for a good lash serum, high-quality ingredients are a must. Ingredients with vitamin E and anti-oxidant properties are what will help the lash with nourishment. Hydrating oils should be a part of the package too because oil is the major ingredient in ensuring hydration and nourishment. Plant extracts such as Bergamot, Blue Pea, and Kigelia African are tested to be helpful for the eyelashes. Castor oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 Peptide are three lash-specific ingredients.

The exclusion of certain products is as important as the inclusion of the above-mentioned ones. Prostaglandins are growth-restricting hormones and if used can lead to the eyes having undereye dark circles.

  • Dermat approved

Any product, not just a lash serum, should be approved by a dermatologist. It is better to have your dermatologist suggest the best products for you. However, if that seems like too much, at least make sure that some dermatologist, often with a significant reputation, has approved the product you are planning to use.

  • Plant-based products

Despite several researches and debates, certain harmful products are still used by the cosmetic industry to keep their profit incoming. Hence, when purchasing a lash serum, make sure all of its ingredients are non-toxic and do not have known side effects. Plant-based ingredients are safe options to be invested in. Hence, look out for products that are more organic and best, plant-based, in their genesis.


Now you know how to reach the best lash serum amongst the various products present in the market. Choose one that ticks off most if not all of the above-mentioned points. Do not shy away from being extensive about your skincare routine. Your body and especially your eyes deserve the best treatment in the world.