We Use the Most Reliable Brand in Alcohol and Drug Testing

The addition of monitoring to treatment programs has been shown to increase long-term recovery success. Many persons in early recovery benefit from continuous, random testing because it helps keep them and their loved ones responsible. Our counselors are available to assist you in developing a system for tracking drug abuse. Theraputic monitoring choices include things like urine testing and breathalyzers.

Who exactly is the firm behind Soberlink?

Among the many available alcohol monitoring devices, Soberlink stands out as the most reliable option. As a means of determining whether or not an individual has consumed too much alcohol, it is accurate and quick. This innovative technology was developed by Soberlink Healthcare LLC and achieves a high degree of accuracy with a minimum number of complex parts.

First off, this device has a camera oriented vertically on one side. There is also a toggle switch to turn the gadget on and off. The mouthpiece is surrounded on one side by a status light, which is blue. In the front, you’ll find an LCD display and two control buttons. The old battery may be recharged and lasts for a very long time. The data gathered from breathalyzers may be displayed on a screen and sent to a central location in real time, allowing for precise monitoring of intoxication levels.

Employment Laws and Agreements

Some persons may be subject to random or periodic drug testing and/or surveillance by their workplace, legal counsel, or government organizations. Our DOT-approved staff will collect on-site and ensure the chain of custody is properly documented. Our medical review officer reviews the results from the third-party lab once they have analyzed the material.

Soberlink has partnered with dependable hosts who provide uninterrupted results. The camera’s face recognition function is designed to safeguard data from being tampered with inadvertently, such as if a sober individual tried to use the device on an obviously inebriated person.

Soberlink Healthcare LLC has invested a great deal of time and energy inventing a state-of-the-art equipment that can precisely detect and monitor the user’s breath alcohol level.

If you have ever been frustrated with the controls on a comparable product, you will appreciate how easy to use this one is. Using this device won’t interfere with your other routines or medications, including cigarettes. It’s usually recognized as the most exact device available for assessing ethanol content because of the precise measurements it produces.

Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring Breathalyzer

Soberlink was designed as a portable, handheld breathalyzer for that very reason. With cutting-edge fuel cell technology and flexible face recognition, Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring system that promotes personal accountability and changes in behavior.

The second version of the portable breathalyzer Soberlink 2 is now available. In addition to photographing the person and recording their whereabouts, the gadget also measures their blood alcohol content (BAC). When picking for a breath analyzer, reading up on reviews about Soberlink is usually a good idea.