What You Need To Know About Thread Lift Procedure?

What Is A Thread Lift?

Thread lift is an aesthetic procedure that uses threads or dissolvable sutures to tighten and lift sagging skin on the body or face. So the question is, does a thread lift reduce fat (ร้อย ไหม ลด เหนียง, which is the term in Thai)? It’s not usually operated to reduce fat. On the other hand, methods to reduce fat typically involve removing or eliminating fat cells through procedures such as liposuction, cryolipolysis, and ultrasound therapy.

Though thread lifts, as well as fat removal techniques, are a way to enhance the appearance of the face, however, they are distinct methods with different objectives and approaches. Speaking with a certified cosmetic surgeon or specialist is crucial to decide which is best for you and your goals.

What Is The Procedure For Thread Lift?

  • Thread lift can be described as a non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that utilizes threads or sutures to tighten and lift sagging skin around the neck and face.
  • The process involves inserting tiny, dissolvable threads beneath the skin using a needle of small size or cannula.
  • These threads are adorned with tiny cones or barbs that are anchored and allow them to pull the skin upwards and produce the illusion of lifting.
  • Thread lift generally takes between 30 and 60 minutes and is possible to perform under local anesthesia or light sedation.
  • The threads are placed into the skin strategically placed and then pulled gently to tighten and lift the skin. The procedure could cause discomfort. However, most patients experience only mild pain.

Following the procedure, patients might be afflicted with bruising, swelling, or minor discomfort; however, these symptoms usually disappear within a couple of days or one week. Patients usually can resume regular activities within a couple of days. But, they are advised to stay away from strenuous exercises or activities that can cause stress to the skin for a few weeks.

The effects of thread lift procedures will be visible quickly and can last from 6 to 18 months, based on the kind of threads used and the characteristics of the patient’s skin. Thread lifts are generally considered safe and efficient, with a minimal chance of scarring or complications. But, just like any cosmetic procedure, choosing a qualified and experienced professional is vital to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

In A Nutshell

In the end, thread lift is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can lift and tighten loose skin around the neck and face. But choosing a reputable and reputable provider is vital for the best outcomes.